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We teach children from crawling age upwards how to rescue themselves from potentially fatal drowning accidents.

Self Rescue

Self rescue is a lifesaving skill taught to children from crawling age upwards in the water. In a fun environment we teach your child to roll over from a life-threatening face down position, to independently floating face up and breathing, without panic and swim to safety or to remain in that position until help arrives.

Children of the Water’s teachings are all about learning and growing together in the water. We came from the water and are made from water. Our guidance is not just to teach your child how to swim and survive in the water.

Through trust, devotion and courage, your child and yourself will learn how to approach life’s challenges by overcoming fear. Water transmutes energy and is therefore the perfect place to work with emotions that may arise.

So be prepared for a possible life changing experience and for your child to own these wonderful survival skills in the water!

Real life saving stories

There’s nothing more compelling than seeing your hard work and dedication pay off.
Read these real stories of how children, taught under our programmes, rescued themselves from dangerous
scenarios in the water. We also add parent testimonials at the end to showcase what they think.

5 years

8 months

2 years

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