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We are super excited to share with you that Children of the Water Caribbean will open its doors in February 2024!




After doing her Self rescue course with her little daughter the approach, the results and the family dynamic in the water amazed her. Next to continue her swimming journey she decided to become a SR instructor to share this amazing process with others. Melinda has a background in communicatie, Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and family dynamics and more specific emotion regulation woth young children.  She is ready to teach our courses and you will an amazing experience with her in the water.

Courses & Prices

In Curacao we will run set courses all year.

We offer:

  • Self Rescue course from crawling age, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days $975,- 

  • Swim Float Swim for all children who have successfully completed our Self Rescue Course and will take them further onto their swim journey, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days $975,- 

  • Swim Training for children who are already independent in the water (3+) and for those who have completed our Self Rescue and Swim Float Swim programs, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days $975,- 


*Depending on the number of participants in a 10-day course on Curaçao, we charge relocation costs for the instructor on top of the costs of the swimming course. We require a minimum of 5 children per course date. Relocation costs for 5 participants are $645,- per child.

Tip! Gather and invite your friends and the relocation costs will be less. Offcourse every child gets its individual lessons and attention one on one.


Private: We come to you in the comfort and privacy of your own pool. Please contact us for more information, costs and planning.  


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