As a child, Helma spent as much time in the water as she possibly could. After receiving all her swimming certificates she continued her journey in the water by gaining a variety of degrees at the life guard association. When her second child was born, Helma realised she wanted to work in the water with children and got her Swim Instructors degree. She’s been working in the water for over 15 years now with babies and children. We are very proud Helma is part of our wonderful team! Helma loves to teach and joins us in our mission, to make sure every child feels safe and happy in the water!

For more information or to book a place, we kindly ask you to contact Petra.

Mobile: +31 648 167 600 | Email: info@childrenofthewater.com

Courses & Prices

In Eindhoven we will run set courses all year.

We offer:

  • Self Rescue course from crawling age, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days or 5 weeks €845,- 

  • Post Self Rescue swimming lessons, private one on one, €32,50 per lesson


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