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Courses & Prices

In Mallorca we run our courses all year.

We offer:

  • Self Rescue course from crawling age, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days €895,- 

  • Swim Float Swim for all children who have successfully completed our Self Rescue Course and will take them further onto their swim journey, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days €895,- 

  • Swim Training for children who are already independent in the water (3+) and for those who have completed our Self Rescue and Swim Float Swim programs, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days €895,- 

  • Maintanance swimming lessons, private one on one, €37,50 per lesson

Monthly swimming package:

1 time a week =         €240,-

2 times a week =        €480,-


Monthly babyswimming (PSR); 1 time a week = €120,- (max 4 babies in the pool)



Carrer Gerani 21 CP 07141

Es Pont de I'nca





Antonio has over 20 years of aquatic experience including Self Rescue, where he developed a method to teach survival skills. Observing the large number of drownings, especially in the infant rate, prompted him to do something more and look for a method where they would be taught to survive in the water. Antonio has helped hundreds of families with babies and children on their path of personal growth in classes and personal sessions, in and out of the water. His expertise, knowledge, years of teachings, coaching, development and evolution of Self Rescue is absolutely compelling and combined with Children of the Water we are a step closer to our mission, to help prevent the tragedy of drowning and get as many happy and confident swimmers as we can!. 

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