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The Netherlands


Jasmijn, Den Haag & Amsterdam

Jasmijn grew up spending her summers in France surfing where she met Zoe whilst working at a surf camp. Having a photography & art background Jasmijn worked as a talent development teacher in primary education in The Hague, teaching photography, arts, technique and robotics.  As a part of the Children of the Water family she combines her passion for the water with her passion for teaching children.


Sylvana, Den Haag 

Sylvana's energy and love for children and the water is immediately clear for all to see.  She brings a unique quality to the water where her skills as a Self Rescue instructor and undeniable vibrant personality combine to make the children feel safe and calm. A Mother to her little boy Zenn, Sylvana also holds a qualification in special pedagogical work allowing her to specifically work with children. Having completed the Self Rescue and Swim Float Swim course with Zenn she therefore, understands the process of the parents and embraces this into her teachings, a deep understanding that the emotion and energy parents bring to the water can transfer to their child. Sylvana embodies Children of the Waters holistic approach in her communication with each family and child in and out of the water. Sylvana also brings a lot of fun into her teachings so that the course is not just learning a highly specialised life saving technique, but she also makes the process really fun! 

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Jam, Den Haag & Amsterdam

Since he was born, Jam has always been a childr of the water. At the age of 12, Jam became a pro surfer, spending most of his time in and around water, like a true merman. Jam has 6 little brothers and has a sixth sense when it comes to comforting children, a skill which helps to establish a natural connection with the children during our courses. Children and their parents feel instantly at ease being in the water with Jam. Jam has had over 100 hrs of training in and out of the water. Jam is now a Children of the Water Self Rescue instructor.


Kara, Amsterdam

Kara is Co founder and fellow owner of Children of the Water Amsterdam. For more than 8 years Kara has been teaching Self Rescue in Amsterdam, a true expert. She trained our very own Zoë van Straalen as an instructor. As an American she was very familiair with the Self Rescue Technique and found out that in Holland and even Europe these life-saving swimming programs for children were obsolete, so she decided to develop it herself. As Kara shares:  “There were a lot of questions and desires to take a course here in Amsterdam, without any possibility. In America these classes have been offered for over 40 years and with this country being surrounded by water, it surprised me that there wasn't any such course available here. After doing some research I decided to train to be an instructor and start giving lessons. I have a passion for water, I was/am an avid surfer when I lived in Virginia Beach, America and whenever we travel and there is a possibility to be in the ocean I'm in it! Given this passion for water and being able to share and teach babies how to safely enjoy being in the water made it the perfect mix! I trained/studied and received my certificate from Joy McGinty of SouthWest Aquatics/PediaSwim Academy. My training included over 100 hours of pool instruction including child psychology and physiology. I was also licensed in CPR and First Aid during my training. I've entrusted my own children (son 11 months old and my daughter 14 months) with these lessons as you can see in the videos, that's how much I believe in this program! I look forward to meeting you in the water!! I speak Dutch fluently, and English is of course my native language.


Linde, Haarlem

Growing up around the water, Linde swam competitively until she was a teenager. Linde is an avid sailor, as well as sports management professional and master of culture and change with 7 years of experience working for Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institute (KNRM) and is acutely aware of the dangers that water can hold. She’s thrilled to offer your child one-one private selfrescue lessons and feels the need for such lifesaving skills is a must for every family around water. 


Pauline, Blaricum & Hilversum

Pauline’s teachings come from a space of patience and love. These qualities support her work as a Holistic Self Rescue instructor.  Her energy and enthusiasm and absolute desire to work with children has now become a reality. We are delighted that Pauline has joined our Children Of The Water family as an instructor, sharing our mission to make every child safe and happy in the water. 


Helma, Eindhoven, Baarle-Nassau

As a child, Helma spent as much time in the water as she possibly could. After receiving all her swimming certificates she continued her journey in the water by gaining a variety of degrees at the life guard association. When her second child was born, Helma realised she wanted to work in the water with children and got her Swim Instructors degree. She’s been working in the water for over 15 years now with babies and children. We are very proud Helma is part of our wonderful team! Helma loves to teach and joins us in our mission, to make sure every child feels safe and happy in the water!


Gisela, Maastricht

Gisela has always been very passionate about the ocean and teaching children life skills. When working as a nanny, she realised that she wanted to exchange her guidance on the land, for guidance in the water, which led to her becoming a Swimming instructor. When Gisela discovered Self Rescue, it became her ultimate dream and goal; to teach as many children as possible these life saving skills in the water. We are so excited for Gisela represent our Children of the Water family, in her home town, Maastricht!


Mariëlle, Amsterdam

Mariëlle Hoogervorst is a mother of Koen & Bram and is a stewardess for more than 20 years; but when she’s not in the air she feels one with the water. Since a young age she has had a love for water, which led her to start teaching ABC swim lessons in 2016. After teaching for 3 years she realised that the dangerous gap currently held from baby to the standard age of swimming ABC could be resolved after following Children of The Water on instagram. The passion and excitement in seeing these young children practice these life-saving skills, matched her own to learn how to teach them, which is how her journey started with us! In combination with the training she already had as an ABC swim instructor she’s continuing to use her energetic, happy, and calm approach to make children comfortable; enabling them to overcome fear and gain confidence quickly in the water. We are proud that she has joined our family in Amsterdam and will continue to help us achieve our mission in making every child safer and happier in the water!



Michiel, Amsterdam

Since childhood Michiel has been fascinated by water; swimming and sailing was integral in his upbringing. As a father of young twins, living on the water in the most sustainable floating neighbourhood in Europe it only reinforces the synergy. With a background as an ABC instructor but realising how a holistic, personal approach found within Children of The Water can enrich a child’s swimming journey, he found his purpose in life and became a member of our family! His calm, trust building approach lays the foundation and gateway for children to gain self-confidence and empowers them to become amazing swimmers! We are extremely thrilled with our newest family member who brings a wealth of knowledge from the swimming industry.

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