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Jaydene recently moved to The Netherlands ( Haarlem) from South Africa. She is a 38 year old Mum of 2- ages 5 and 3 of which can both swim. Jaydene is a  business owner of swim school TurtleTotz South-Africa, ages 6months to adult 10 years and going strong. Jaydene completed her swimming course in 2006 for level 1 - learn to swim Baby course 6 months to 2 years  She has a passion for children and absolutely loved  her job. Her favorites was always the 2 year olds but enjoyed all ages even the adults. Jaydene built her swim school (in her backyard) up from nothing and currently have over 200 kids, classes were 2 to 3 kids per class.


Jaydene’s native language is English, second language Afrikaans and her Dutch is getting there. 

Courses & Prices

In Velserbroek we run set courses all year.


We offer:

  • Self Rescue course from crawling age, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days €895,- 

  • Swim Float Swim for all children who have successfully completed our Self Rescue Course and will take them further onto their swim journey, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days €895,- 

  • Swim Training for children who are already independent in the water (3+) and for those who have completed our Self Rescue and Swim Float Swim programs, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days €895,- 

  • Maintanance swimming lessons, private one on one, €37,50 per lesson


Sportcentrum Velserbroek

Zadelmakerstraat 44

1991 JE

Velserbroek ​


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