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What we teach

The 6 pillars of learning


We want every child to be safe in the water, and create a safe teaching environment where your child instinctively knows how to rescue themselves when an accident occurs in the water.



We will help your child overcome any fear or inhibitions in the water creating a confidence that will help them learn to swim for life.


Your child will reconnect with the water and develop a deeper understanding. The relationship with the parent will expand and a new connection arises with us.


Trusting the process and a new awareness builds a lasting relationship with water.


Our goal is to make learning fun so that your child will love being in the water! Happiness is key to both parent and child, and with this at the heart of our lessons, your child will learn their skills more easily and more assertively.


Our dream is that your child grows up to enjoy swimming and healthy water activities in a safe and secure way for the rest of their lives. 

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