Growing up around the water, Linde swam competitively until she was a teenager. Linde is an avid sailor, as well as sports management professional and master of culture and change with 7 years of experience working for Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institute (KNRM) and is acutely aware of the dangers that water can hold. She’s thrilled to offer your child one-one private self rescue lessons and feels the need for such lifesaving skills is a must for every family around water. Linde was trained in the US by and Infant Aquatic Survival Specialist Judy Heumann en Kyla Heumann-Blum, in Longmont Colorado. She is teaching Self rescue for over 2 years now.

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Mobile: +31 648 167 600 | Email: info@childrenofthewater.com

Courses & Prices

In Haarlem we run set courses all year.


We offer:

  • Self Rescue course from crawling age, private one on one, 20 sessions in 10 days or 5 weeks €845,- 

  • Post Self Rescue swimming lessons, private one on one, €32,50 per lesson


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