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There’s nothing more compelling than seeing our hard work and dedication pay off. These real stories and testimonials are a benchmark of how children, taught under our programmes, rescued themselves from dangerous

scenarios in the water. We also add parent testimonials at the end to showcase how they feel.

Alexia K, ​Haarlem 

A few months before our daughter’s first birthday, we were looking for a nice activity to do together with her in Haarlem and coincidentally we came across the self-rescue course given by Linde. It very soon turned out to be much more than just a bonding and fun activity to do with her. Gradually and very methodically, Linde taught our daughter crucial water survival skills and helped her gain confidence and self-awareness. Eventually, our daughter started enjoying real swimming in the pool and the sea even more than splashing in the bathtub! 


Linde is a very experienced and deeply knowledgeable coach. She is caring, calm and patient and gives a lot of love and individual attention to any of her small students. She trains not only babies and children, but also their parents on how to work together with their children to maintain and build on the skills learned. Indeed, when we were swimming in the sea with our daughter last summer, we were very proud that she could do - to the great surprise of many other people at the beach - all these cool stuff in such a young age, without floaters!


We can’t wait to continue this unique learning experience with our daughter, and would definitely recommend the self-rescue course and Linde in particular to any parent!  

Eva Piers, ​Ibiza 

Children Of The Water is an amazing way to teach your child in the water. Our son Roef (11 months) loves water and isn’t afraid of taking a shower or washing his hair. Also taking a bath is something he loves! We just completed 10 lessons as part of the holistic pre-self rescue baby swimming and we have planned the self rescue course before summer. Jo is a very caring teacher. She is very professional. You can see that she has a lot of experience and that she loves her job! My husband, Roef and myself learnt a lot. I would really recommend doing the course as soon as possible with your baby. 

Judith Eggersman and Natale Adamo 

We have a swimming pool in our garden and also a large amount of natural water. Although we built a very long fence in the middle of our lawn, we were always worried about the safety of our children. A couple of years ago we learnt about Children of the Water and their holistic approach in teaching children from crawling age or older how te rescue themselves if they ever had an accident in the water. I contacted dear Zoë and she was willing to come to The Netherlands to help my children to become safe in and around the water in our own pool. When I told Zoe we were going to Ibiza for five days in September 2019 we decided to do the course there and extended our vacation. 
We were a little worried about our son Mads, who was really afraid of being in the water (even in the shower) but he really amazed me. Zoë’s approach to both of our children (Mads, almost 4 yrs and Suze, almost 1 yr old) was so calm and loving. She gave us a lot of confidence by sharing information about the self rescue course, about how the children would react in any time and what we could expect from them. Zoë, and also Jojo, made the whole course (10 days long) a very special experience. We would really recommend this course to anyone and hope it will be the only way of learning how to swim in approximately 10 yrs or sooner. Looking forward to going to Ibiza again so the children can be be taught to be even better swimmers!!


Lizzy, mum of 13 month old Jack, Fuerteventura

When we saw the video a while ago of our friend swimming with his 1 year old daughter we where so amazed that when our son was born we didn’t have to think twice and decided to do the course at our home in Fuerteventura. 

I must say that the process was intense for both our son Jack and for us as parents but every day Zoe was so incredible, calm and loving and we could see Jack's improvements and confidence growing and growing. After only 10 days he was able to swim and float with so much confidence and also FUN!  We are forever grateful that Zoe came to us and taught our son this life-saving method. 

Fi Dan frank and 5 year old Rex, Ibiza

"I Can honestly say that Jojo and Zoe's training for Rex my five year old, played a huge part in making sure Rex stayed calm and afloat, when we scarily got pulled out on a rip tide in Costa Rica on Boxing Day. The rip tide was so fierce and quick and so scary and we were faced with a very dangerous scenario. Through out the whole experience I watched Rex have to ride very high waves being dragged from me and under water and yet he still remained very calm, strong and afloat.

We were eventually saved by two surf boys on one board and the 6 of us gripped onto the board and we had to surf huge waves, near to the Rocks, and get back to the beach. Even then Rex was stoic and confident.

Thanks to you both, very lovely girls, for doing a very important and special training to our kids. You save lives."


Tanit, mum of now 2 year old twins Serena and Adrian, Ibiza

"My 17 month old little girl Serena fell in our own pool fully clothed and saved herself. Her twin brother Adrian called for his grandmother who found Serena happily floating in the water. Without this course we would be different people today. We are beyond grateful." 


Douwe and Martine van den Berg, Holland

"Our 2 year old Moos fell in our freezing pool fully clothed and got himself out!!! You girls have made us the the happiest parents. Thank you."


Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau, mum of 2 year old Xess, Qatar

Xess was taught the Self Rescue skills in the privacy of his own home in France

"Zoë has taught my son, who was then only one year old, within a few days, to be able to save himself when he falls into the water. I am astounded he has been able to achieve this only within 3 days. I have put all my trust in Zoë’s hands and she has been very sweet and careful with that. Xess soon developed a trust relationship with Zoë, loved his swim teacher and therefore dared a little more every day. I would highly recommend this amazing course to any parent!"



Kate Stillman, mum of 5 year old Stanley, Ibiza

We taught Stanley in his own pool in Ibiza

"Dear Zoe and Jo, so it’s the eve of our last lesson and I can honestly say I am astounded at what you’ve achieved, 20 days ago stanley would cry if he got a splash of water on his face,and now he swims like a dolphin, something I can honestly say I never thought possible. The trust he has in you both is beautiful to witness as a mother, the care consideration and ability of you both to give each individual child what they need with an abundance of patience and yet at the same time allowing them to still be who they are is something I am very grateful for and I know has made a huge difference to Stan. The speed at which he has been able to develop absolute trust in you both is a reflection of your connection with him. Thankyou, summers have become a much safer and enjoyable place for our family"



Linda Karlsson, mum of 4 year old Pi and 2 year old Noy, Ibiza

Pi and Noy joined our course in our own pool

"My children aged 1 and 3 have both completed the rescue swimming course with Jo and Zoë. As a parent, I’m so incredible grateful for this opportunity. I’m so happy that Children of the Water exists in Ibiza and that these two wonderful teachers are offering this course to our children. I’ve seen my kids go from uncomfortable and unhappy in the water, to being able to swim/rescue themselves under the guidance of these two wonderful teachers. Jo and Zoe are showing such incredible patience and love towards the children and I feel so safe in their expert care. When watching my children in the water with them, I alternate between wanting to burst from pride and cry with gratefulness towards Jo and Zoe for so expertly providing us this incredible, life-saving, confidence-building method. I wouldn’t just warmly recommend the course to all parents- I’d say IT’S A MUST!"



Nynke de Boer, mum of 8 month old Bonne, Ibiza

We taught Bonne in his own pool in Ibiza

"I can’t describe how amazing and valuable it is to see my 8 month old sweet baby Bonne being able to rescue himself from a possible drowning accident. Zoe’s skills and her loving and peaceful attitude towards Bonne and myself, gave me the confidence to fully trust in this intense and beautiful process. I highly recommend this to all parents!"

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